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Touch + Sound | Restorative Yoga

Touch + Sound | Restorative Yoga

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Join Adri & Lesley for a nurturing 90min Restorative Yoga experience that combines the healing power of hands-on touch with the soothing vibrations of a sound bath. In this special class, you’ll be guided through gentle yoga poses where hands-on touch enhances relaxation and alignment, creating a comforting embrace for body and soul. 

As you settle into each pose, feel tensions melt away and stress dissolve. The hands-on touch serves as a grounding anchor, helping you deepen your mind-body connection and inviting a profound sense of peace.

During your final resting posture, surrender to the healing frequencies of crystal quartz sound bowls and ocean drums. Allow the harmonious sounds to wash over you, further enhancing relaxation and promoting inner balance.

At close, there will be tea as we connect in community about our experiences and the topic of finding f l o w. 

Join us and treat yourself to this deeply restorative experience 🫶🏽

Friday May 17th at 7-9pm in AO Studio (554 Clarke Dr)

Please bring a mat, dress cozy and bring any other items to make your experience even more comfortable (i.e. eye mask).


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