Immerse yourself in a series of carefully curated offerings designed to nurture your well-being. From candle-lit sound baths to intentional movement classes, each session invites you to slow down, discover serenity, and connect with your inner self.

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A collection of handmade holistic wellness products designed to encourage peace, compassion, and introspection for an individual's healing journey. We provide 100% pure soy candles, salt soaks, and aroma sprays all infused with intentional essential oil pairings.

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  • Wow, huge shout out to Lesley for facilitating such a mindful and relaxing breathwork session. If you have not had her facilitate a team meeting before for this activity, I HIGHLY recommend that you do. We have had her facilitate two team times now, and each one you come out feeling better as a result. Thank you Lesley!!:)

    - Mitch B. (Shopify)

  • I loved this session. The environment was welcoming and supportive. The space felt cozy and safe. The sound bath was beautiful and I loved the feeling of the different sounds washing over me. Overall, it was a beautiful experience and I appreciated having time to journal, reflect, read cards and chat at the end of the session. Connecting with community is a big reason why I wanted to attend. Thank you so much for creating this space to come together <3

    - Taryn G.

  • Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge of breathwork with us Lesley! I left the session feeling more grounded and taking a moment for mindfulness at work was a great experience

    - Brigit O.

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