Where do you ship to?

We currently ship all across 🇨🇦 and 🇺🇸. At this time we do not offer oversees shipping.

Is there a customer service dept?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service rep/owner/chandler is available to answer your questions through the chat or at hey@theempathycrate.com 😁

I like to stock up on candles, how long can they be stored for?

Since our candles are made with soy wax, they will get better with time.⌛️ After about a month of curing, the candle will reach its peak and stay there. Even after 6 months, your candle will still be perfect for you.🕯

Omg! My candle is sweating, what's happening?

The sweating is just some of the oils settling on top of the candle and does not affect your candle's performance. When soy candles go from cooler temps into warmer ones they can perspire💦 a bit, especially with the use of essential oils. If you’d like, you can dab some of the oil up with a tissue and when you light your candle the remainder will join back.

I'd like to add a gift note, is that possible?

Of course! At checkout there is an option for you to leave a message that we can write for you.📝 If the order is going straight to the person you're gifting, we will be sure to leave the sales receipt out.

I would love my candles right now! How long is shipping?

Orders ship within 1-3 business days and usually take 5-7 days to arrive via Canada Post depending on your ship to address.

Local deliveries are delivered every Saturday!🚗💨 

How can I track my order?

You will receive an email with tracking information once your order has shipped📦. Additionally, you will receive another email when your order is out for deliver and when it has actually arrived.

How fragrant are the candles?

Since we use 100% natural soy wax🌱, our candles will not have the same scent throw as paraffin candles or others containing additives. Our 9oz candles will be able to achieve a nice scent in a medium-large room such as a living room, bedroom, kitchen or office. Our 4oz babies are perfect for smaller rooms!🛌

What should I do with my jar when I'm done?

Of course! We would love to see how you re-purpose your The Empathy Crate candle jars. When 1/4" of wax remains, stop using the candle. You can place your candle in a warm oven, use a blow dryer or heat gun (if you have) to liquify the wax.🍯 Feel free to make wax melts, or use the remainder wax as a massage oil or moisturizer. Wipe with a paper towel and use soap and water to remove any additional residue from the jar. Hold a variety of things, like pens, paper clips, q-tips, coins, a plants🌻, etc.

Did you just say body moisturizer?

Yes! There remainder of wax at the bottom of your jar can be melted in a warm oven or pot of warm water and used as a body moisturizer. Jut make sure to do a patch test for reactions to any of the essential oils.

Do you offer returns or exchanges?

Please contact us if you are not satisfied or happy with your purchase and we will work with you to resolve the issue. In the case of a candle damaged during shipment, please reach out to Canada Post to make a claim.  We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages,  you must also submit a claim with Canada Post. Please be sure to provide us with claim information prior to emailing us to remedy the situation.