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Empathy + Me

The Empathy Crate is apart of the Empathy + Me family which intends to help empower people who have experienced a wide variety of trauma by encouraging sharing vulnerable truths, providing resources, and supporting individuals on their healing journey. Meditation, breathwork, sound healing and yoga are modalities that we facilitate. Our mission is to help people 'put themselves in their own shoes' and ripple the effects of empathy around the world.

Support Local

Our products are handmade with materials sourced locally in Ontario.
what is
The Empathy Crate

A collection of handmade holistic wellness products designed to encourage peace, compassion, kindness + introspection for an individual's healing process. We provide 100% pure soy candles, salt soaks, and aroma sprays all infused with essential oils. We want people to have introspective moments during their self-care sessions to focus on targeting the root of their trauma. A portion of every sale goes towards funding the event series; Bäre Your Sole, to ensure that it is accessible for BIPOC.

Wellness First

All of our products are made with you in mind. We spend months researching + formulating our scents to ensure they aid in different aspects of your healing journey. All of our products are made with natural ingredients because we believe in clean, healthy, and holistic living.
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Dedicate more time for YOU

Dive deep into who you are and what you’ve been through by enhancing your at-home self-care sessions. Experience more wellness, meditation + healing today.