what is e+m

Empathy + Me is a social enterprise focused on helping people heal through storytelling, community events, and wellness products. Our journey began in 2018 and has evolved in ways we could not have imagined. Currently we offer sound baths, active breathwork, yoga, meditation and self-discovery experiences virtually and locally in Vancouver, BC. Our mission is to help people 'put themselves in their own shoes' and ripple the effects of empathy around the world.

our founder

Lesley Parris, born and raised in the Greater Toronto Area, founded E+M during her healing journey from domestic violence. In 2018, everything came to her in a dream as a calling towards her entrepreneurial journey. After exiting a full-time role in Social Media, she embarked on a 6-month business program that laid the foundation for Empathy + Me (The Empathy Crate).

There is deep meaning and thought behind all aspects of the work she does whether it is the 100% pure soy candles or the wellness experiences. A lover of slow intentional living, honouring callings, and tuning into her intuition and emotions - Lesley founded E+M to encourage this in you.

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our offerings

We curate intimate experiences designed for our community to connect, heal and grow holistically. Immersing you in mindful movement, breathwork, meditation, sound healing and combinations of these modalities. You'll be guided towards a stronger mind-body connection, allowing you to explore your inner landscapes at your own pace.

Dedicate time for your well-being with us today - Come for the feels, stay for the community .

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the empathy crate

All of our products are made with you in mind. We spent months researching + formulating our scents to ensure they aid in different aspects of your healing journey. Our products are handmade with all-natural materials sourced locally in Ontario, Canada. We believe in clean, healthy, and holistic living.

Overall, we want to enhance your introspective moments during at home self-care sessions. Currently, our candles are only available during exclusive releases and at our wellness events.

A portion of every sale goes towards funding our wellness events to ensure that it is accessible for BIPOC.

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